Instance Along Curve

Maya API Node for interactive instancing of shapes along curves.

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Instance Along Curve

Maya API plugin developed in Python that tries to simplify the process of instancing various objects along a curve. The plugin essentially creates a new dependency graph node called instanceAlongCurveLocator, which handles all the necessary logic. It also includes a node creation command and an Attribute Editor template for a very familiar and user friendly interface.

Short demo at: Youtube

Differences with other approaches

Because it is a DG node that is recomputed each time Maya considers necessary, there is no need to execute manual scripts or hacks or custom windows to update the instances. Also, it is very efficient in updating each instance, because every relevant instance attribute is connected to the locator, and only recomputes what is needed.

However, Maya makes instancing objects from a plugin node very difficult, so there are some known limitations.





To use the plugin, select a curve and the shape you want to instance and go to Edit->Instance Along Curve. You can save it as a Shelf Button if you want.


Known issues